I will just start off by saying, I am not a mom.  I haven't gone thru the pain of delivery.  My best friend, who is the toughest lady I know, said in regards to the delivery of her little girls that "it is called labor for a reason."  Truthfully, it frightens me.  Before she went into deliver her second child, she called me and told me she was at McDonalds and was having contractions - she wanted to eat because "they don't let you" once you go to the hospital.

Is the same for Dutchess Kate?  Kinda, but not really.  She will be delivering the royal baby in a posh hospital in London.  Here's what's on the menu.

Breakfast could feature juice, fruit, yogurt, cereal, bread, and hot beverages. Lunch and dinner reportedly each consist of three-course meals with appetizer options like cream of tomato soup and entrées like lamb chops or Mediterranean grilled chicken with a choice of side dishes. Desserts include cheesecakes, fresh fruit platters, or a selection of cheese.  The hospital says in its maternity care pamphlet, "We have a comprehensive wine list, should you wish to enjoy a glass of champagne to celebrate your baby's arrival."

Now that's what I'm talking about!  These women just gave birth - spoil them!

What would be on your after delivery food wish list?

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