UPDATE: As of around 1pm, I-90 is open again from Livingston to Park City. You will be detoured through Livingston and re-routed back onto I-90 due to high winds. 

Blizzard conditions are keeping I-90 closed east of Livingston to Park City, but despite practically no visibility, people are still trying to drive it causing concern for the Park County Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement agencies.

Here's a recent statement from the Park County Sheriff's Office on their Facebook page:

"We are coordinating with MDOT and surrounding counties to escort vehicles eastbound through whiteout conditions. The interstate was not supposed to have been opened so now we are dealing with the mess and trying to get things cleared up. Your frustrations are understandable and your patience is appreciated."

That section of I-90 has been closed since Sunday. The good news is the driving conditions are more favorable on westbound I-90 once you leave Livingston on through the Bozeman area.

Keep in mind, though, conditions could change. We are expecting winds today in the Bozeman area at up to 30 mph, and that could hamper visibility here on the westside of the Bridgers.