I have a sweet friend, in her 20's.  She is beautiful, funny, athletic and kind.  She's also single, and wondering where is a good place to meet some quality men.

We live in what my sister likes to call "Mantana."  We have some handsome men in our area, but I hear it is hard to meet people.

Enter, Avalaunch, which starts tomorrow, and runs through the 12th.  There are parties, fashion shows, classes, gear and safety demos and more parties.

Click below for information on Avalaunch.  Times, dates, ticket info, and even information on free stuff!

By the way, this event isn't being promoted as a singles event.  I just thought it would be a great place to meet some handsome, outdoorsy men.

Avalaunch is a great event for all ages.   Even older women with three kids, who are happily married think it's a great time!  I especially love the fashion show.

See you at Avalaunch!

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