In most cases, opposites don’t necessarily attract. In the case of the XL Country Morning Show, that is certainly not true.

Derek has been in radio for over 25 years, where as Megan had never done radio before meeting him. She had her own company, and when a morning show spot opened up in her hometown, she thought “well, this could be fun”.

Derek is married to his beautiful wife, Jules. Megan has a “non-boyfriend” who is from South Africa. She cannot pronounce his name, so we just refer to him as, South Africa. Megan met South Africa on Tinder with a fake account. Derek met his wife through her sister. They grew a friendship and then started dating. Megan and her non boyfriend grew a long string of texts.

Derek (character from Austin Powers
Megan (Sandra Dee from Grease)

Derek follows the man upstairs, where Megan follows the happy hour specials. Derek’s wife will not let him watch “R” rated movies, where Megan’s life IS an “R” rated movie. Megan is athletic and likes to play sports. Derek on the other hand likes to watch sports. Megan likes to stay up late and watch murder documentaries. Derek likes to go to bed at a ridiculously early time and be professional and prepared for the next day.

As you can see, we're quite opposites. Despite all of the differences, we think you can agree that these dueling personalities make for an entertaining morning show. We have a freedom in being able to bounce ideas off of each other, although Derek’s ideas are much more realistic, Megan is still hoping Derek will approve her request to get a pony for the station.

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