During this past year, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks teamed up with the University of Montana for a collaborative study on grizzly bears. They wanted to know what Montanans think about grizzly bears and grizzly bear management in Montana.

Here's what they found out:

  • Nearly 70% said they had watched a grizzly bear from afar at least once. And nearly 50% said they have seen a grizzly from their vehicle.
  • Less than half of respondents said they had limited knowledge about grizzly bears. Only 1% considered themselves experts on grizzlies. 16% said they didn't know much.
  • 89% of Montanans agreed or strongly agreed that grizzly bears are beautiful animals.
  • 75% said it's important to maintain a self-sustaining grizzly bear population in Montana.
  • Only 19% of Montanans agreed or strongly agreed that grizzly bears threaten their personal safety.
  • 28% felt the bears pose a safety risk to people they care about.
  • Over 70% said they would be nervous seeing a grizzly bear at a distance. 60% said they would be scared.
  • 92% of Montanans said they believe grizzly bears have a right to exist in Montana.

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Analyzing the data once it was gathered, the study found the general attitude towards grizzly bears in Montana is positive.

Most Montanans agreed that grizzly bears are a part of what makes Montana such a special place. But survey results confirmed that grizzly bears also elicit strong emotional responses in people skewed towards being nervous, upset, and scared when encountering a bear in the wild or near the home.

According to the study, the questionnaire used was developed collaboratively with the University of Montana and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. Sampling was conducted using an address-based, stratified random sample purchased from Dynata, Inc. The study participants were adults (ages 18+) who lived in an occupied dwelling that was listed on the U.S. Postal Service’s Computerized Delivery Sequence File for Montana.

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