For a while, I was a stay-at-home Mom.  We were having dinner with a couple that was newly married, no kids, and they both worked outside the home.  She asked me something like, "don't you feel bad that your husband works so hard and you just stay at home?"  My first instinct was to hit her, but instead, I just waited.  They have kids now.  I'm sure she regrets that question.

Being a stay at home Mom, or housewife, is the hardest job there is, as far as I am concerned.  It's not a 40 hour workweek, it's a 24/7 workweek.  Most of the time, there is very little appreciation, and alot of the time, you feel isolated.

Two-thirds of mothers who have given up work detest the term 'housewife' and prefer to be described as a 'stay-at-home mom', a study has revealed. They believe the housewife label has 'negative connotations' and trivializes their role. A third feel it is 'insulting'.

I would agree that I would rather be called a stay-at-home-mom than a housewife.  What about you?  All you Domestic Goddesses out there, what's the hardest part of working at the home?

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