In a tweet sent out by the Bozeman School District on Monday evening, the district announced that the naming committee for the new high school has added two more names for consideration.

In addition to Spanish Peaks, Storm Castle and Westslope, the committee is now  recommending Gallatin and West be added as possibilities.

Nearly two hours into their special meeting called to discuss the naming of the new Bozeman high school, the school board voted Monday to expand the list of potential names to five.

They did not rescind their earlier vote of Bozeman Westslope as the new name, but they did vote to ask the naming committee to submit two additional names to the list of three already considered.

Bozeman Schools Superintendent Rob Watson stated that he believed "our committee and board followed procedure," but offered that "we missed a step," in not getting more feedback during the original naming process.

Watson said that it is his hope to wrap up the entire naming process by the school board's April 22nd meeting. Finalizing the name of the new Bozeman high school is independent of the process to determine a mascot and colors, which is currently underway.

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