If you live around the Jefferson River in Three Forks and Willow Creek, officials are encouraging you to keep an eye out on the river. The Jefferson River in the Three Forks and Willow Creek area is forecast to approach Moderate Flood Stage Friday morning. The current forecast is for the Jefferson River to crest at 8.4 feet around 7 a.m. and historically the community has seen roads and homes affected at a height of 8.5′.

If you are a home owner along the river, you are encouraged now to develop a plan on how to protect your property should you be affected by flooding. The highest water level will likely mostly during the night.

Gallatin County’s Emergency Management Director Patrick Lonergan points out, “Once flooding has occurred, the damage is done and it is often too late to protect your property. So develop a plan on how you will protect your property and don’t be afraid to implement it.”

Information on current river information, flood preparedness and flood safety is available at ReadyGallatin.com/flooding.

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