I have been hearing for the last few days that the government is going to offer free at home COVID tests to us Americans. Well, it finally launched, the website is up and running, and I JUST placed my order. I did give my email address so I can track my shipping, but they really didn't ask anything that I thought was "odd".

You can get a full story HERE, if you want or need more information. But I will tell you, it was simple. Who knows how long the tests will last. They are sending me four. I mean, if they would have asked how many do I wish to receive? I would have put 2 and that would have been just fine. I am guessing that there are some people who would have picked the max amount regardless of what was really necessary.


Why did I "place my order"? The wait times at urgent care and the hospital are sometimes days away, and if I think I could have COVID, it will be helpful to just test at home. This is a way for people to be able to test without any excuses right? You can test at home the day you feel symptoms and wait moments and know if you are safe.

I am hoping that this will take some of the stress off of our healthcare workers. They have already had to work ridiculous hours, without the benefits most people received, and it's about time the government thought, "hmm maybe we should try and give them a little relief". If this is the way they are going to try, then I will cross my fingers that it works.

You can order your FREE tests HERE. Since starting this article, I have already received confirmation that my order has been placed and they will ship "sometime in late January". Whatever that means. I will keep you guys updated as to when I receive them! Stay safe friends!

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