The pandemic certainly left its mark on Montana. Not only did lots of out-of-staters move to Montana during that time, but many of those did so because they could work from home.

That led to some pretty big headaches for a lot of locals. Housing prices went up, rent became unaffordable, and for many Montanans, the state they once knew and loved, started to look completely different.

While life has "gone on" after the pandemic, for many of us, we're still dealing with the aftermath of the "Montana Migration" that has taken place in the last few years, however, according to one source, there could be a little light at the end of the tunnel.

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Before we reveal what many Montana might consider "good news" let's take a look at a few things that experts say Montanans may not be able to afford soon.

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According to our friends over at WalletHub, Montana might not be as attractive to out-of-state residents as it once was, and that could result in some of those folks who moved here before packing up and heading somewhere else.

WalletHub looked at the best and worst states to live in while working from home and according to their data, Montana is one of the worst. The only state ranked below Montana was Alaska.

Source: WalletHub

What went into determining the best and worst states for working from home?

WalletHub used a couple of factors in determining their rankings: work and living environments. For the work environment, Montana is ranked 50th and for the living environment, we're ranked 35th.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

So does this mean those who moved here to work from home might start looking to move? Who knows, but I do know that if that's the case, many Montanans will be more than a little pleased.

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