Thanks to everyone who answered our poll question: When Do You Take Down Your Christmas Tree? We took ours down the day after Christmas and it was nice to see that we weren't alone. Although, as you can see by the poll results, the vast majority still have their trees up today.


When you do decide to take your Christmas Tree down, here's some places you can take it to get it recycled.


  • Gallatin County Regional Park - Entrance on Oak
  • St. Christie Fields (on Mason Street) - Entrance on E Mason St
  • Softball Complex (lower parking lot on Haggerty Lane) - Entrance on Haggerty Lane

Please Note: The BMX park on Tamarack (parking lot) is closed and not open for Christmas Tree drop off.


  • Behind Lewis & Clark Park

You may also decide to keep your tree. There are some other things you can do with them once you take the Christmas decorations off. suggests:

  • Replant it.  Apparently, Christmas Trees are pretty tough and they can grow new roots if you replant them in your yard.
  • Get Crafty With It. You can turn your former Christmas Tree into potpourri or a table or wall decoration using the branches.
  • Use it for an animal habitat. Some animal sanctuaries actually request that you drop off your Christmas Trees to them. They make a great shelter for animals to bed down or relax in.

For some other uses of your former Christmas Tree, click on the button below.

Oh, and in case you're counting. There's only 360 days until next Christmas!



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