Estately recently posted a list of the things people searched for the most in each state over the past year. Some of the answers really surprise me. Like why are people in Colorado searching for a 'Borat Mankini'?

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I know people say that Idaho is behind the times, but Shamwow? Really?! Do those things even exist anymore? Of all of the things searched for on Google in Montana over the past year, composting toilet takes the top spot. I mean, because who doesn't need a composting toilet?

The list also shows other thing searched for in the state. People in Montana also searched for these things: M16 rifle, mudflaps, nunchucks, slingshot, bear trap, Beano, Birkenstocks, leather jacket, and a sewing machine.

It's not everyday that you see nunchucks and Beano on the same list. To read the entire article, click here.

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