Love or hate him, it seems that every Montanan has an opinion of him.  Of course, we're talking about the former President of the United States, Donald Trump.

The self-made businessman that would go on to hold the most powerful position in the world says what he thinks, even when he probably shouldn't has a way of putting himself in the headlines even when he's not trying to.

Trump won the state of Montana twice, first in 2016 and then again in 2020.  So it's no surprise that the support for the former President is high here in Montana, but which cities and towns are the most dedicated?

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According to Stacker and the Federal Election Commission, we know now the Montana towns and cities that donated the most per capita to the former President's campaign based on zip codes.  Now, keep in mind, this certainly isn't an exact science, but it does give us a peek as to which Montana towns Trump is most popular in.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump Visits His Turnberry Golf Resort
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We're only going to focus on the Top 10, but I will say that there were a couple of surprises in the 25 cities and towns listed, including both Bozeman and Missoula which are considered liberal by many Montanans.

As far as the Top 10 go, let's take a look.

#10 Thompson Falls, Montana

#9 East Helena, Montana

#8 Plains, Montana

#7 Bigfork, Montana

#6 Lakeside, Montana

Donald Trump Campaigns In Golden, Colorado
Getty Images Chip Somodevilla / Staff

#5 Whitehall, Montana

#4 Troy, Montana

#3 Red Lodge, Montana

#2 Baker, Montana

#1 Gardiner, Montana

Montana has been considered kind of a "purple" state for several years, as voters have gone back and forth between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to the Govenors office, as well as U.S. Senators.

Donald Trump Holds Rally At Iowa State Fairgrounds
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Plus, there is more than one town on the list that folks might reside in part-time, and let's be honest, fancy people tend to donate to politicians more so than the average person.  Having said that, smaller towns are usually more conservative than bigger cities, or college towns.

Either way, it's certainly interesting to see, and one thing is for far as Donald Trump goes, we'll be talking about him for the foreseeable future.


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