Do you know of a Montanan who will be deployed this Holiday Season? Adopt A Sox wants to send Montana military men and women away from home a Christmas package to let them know they are appreciated during the year's toughest time to be away from their family and friends?

If you have a military person in your family or know of one, let us know by clicking on the button below.

The packages that will be sent to our Montana troops include:

  • Books
  • DVDs
  • Travel games
  • Christmas cards
  • Playing cards
  • Personal items like shampoo & conditioners  lotion, mouthwash

Here's what one Montana military person said about the package they received:

To all who contributed to my wonderful care package—

Thank you! It is an incredible feeling to be supported by people who have never met me.

The items in my package were a welcome and fun surprise! As you have accurately determined, it’s nice to be reminded of home through the little comforts.

Additionally, I really appreciate that is wasn’t just food. The food is welcome and wonderful, but it’s
exciting to receive other items.
Thank you again for your support!
Love, E.T.H.

Here's Another Way to Help Adopt A Sox

Right now, Adopt A Sox is looking for $5 donations for small footballs that they can include in their care packages. With a pen or Sharpie, you can write a personal message on the football for the Montana military person who will receive it.

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Adopt A Sox works year-round to prepare these Holiday packages. In previous years they have sent out over 230 of these Christmas packages to Montana military personnel.

Adopt A Sox also welcomes volunteers to help put these packages together and get them shipped. If you would like to help them out, click on the button below.

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