I plan on calling animal control when I get home from work.

I just got back from camping at Hebgen Lake this morning and noticed the sound of scratching coming from my stove. At first, I thought some kind of animal had somehow made its way inside of my stove, but I was wrong. Upon further investigation, I realized the sound was coming from my stove pipe that runs up through the ceiling and out of the top of the house.

What could it be? I thought it might be a mouse, but how could a mouse get down my chimney? That's the only opening since the door on the front is closed. There are a lot of birds around my house so my guess is that it's a bird. I haven't seen it, I've just heard it scratching. My co-worker, Erin, suggested that it might be a bat and to be careful not to get rabies. Thanks Erin, that's very reassuring.

Can you figure out what kind of animal it is based upon the sound it's making in my stove pipe? Any help would be appreciated. You might have to turn up your volume.

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