Did you know that at one time, the horny toad lizard was the second most abundant reptile along the Missouri River in Montana. Rattlesnakes were, and still are, number one. Apparently, though, there isn't enough data on them to accurately estimate their population today or where exactly the prefer to live. That's where you come in.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is asking you to be on the lookout for them this fall as your hiking around Montana. If you happen to spot a horny toad on your travels or hikes, MFWP would like you to record the location, and provide GPS coordinates, if possible. Also, please note the date, number observed, and take a photograph of it if you can.

Information can be sent to Heather Harris in Region 6 at heharris@mt.gov, Brandi Skone in Region 7 at bskone@mt.gov, or your local FWP biologist.

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