Since December, friends and families have been searching endlessly for their loved one.

Missoula police notified the public of a 43-year-old woman who went missing at the end of December and are seeking everyone's help to try and locate her.

Eva Prather went missing in the early hours of December 30th. It is believed that Eva may be experiencing a mental health crisis and is without personal items and identification.

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Missoula Police Department Facebook Page
Missoula Police Department Facebook Page

Eva is 5'4" tall, she is a white female with brown hair and blue eyes and she weighs approximately 125 pounds.

Family and investigators are unsure of exactly what Eva was wearing at the time of her disappearance, but they do not believe it to be suitable for the colder temperatures we are experiencing.

Friends and family say that Eva could be traveling out of Montana to Idaho, Washington, or even Oregon.


Missoula Police Department Facebook Page
Missoula Police Department Facebook Page

Police are asking for everyone in the Missoula area to check their home cameras on from the night of December 29th from 6 PM until around 10 AM on December 30th. Also, they are asking people to check their land for spots that someone would go to seek shelter.

With no specific destination in mind that the family can think of, if anyone throughout the state and surrounding states sees anything on their camera's that is out of the ordinary they are asked to report it. You can also watch for someone who fits the description of Eva.

If you or anyone you know has any information on Eva's whereabouts or well being, you are asked to please contact your local law enforcement agency or the Missoula Police Department.

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