If you are looking for a place to get all dolled up and dance like there is no tomorrow, then I have just the place for you! Inside the Bozeman Hotel, you will find Club Zebra. This is not your ordinary spot that has music on a jukebox and you dance just at your table. No sir. It is lit with neon lights, a DJ or live music, and some delicious drinks. Don't you worry though, they still have your Coors Light and other domestic favorites. Club Zebra is a place to let your hair down and let loose. Offering a weekly schedule with dance lessons and special themed nights you will find all genres of music to dance to. Latin, EDM, and Rock N' Roll are just some of these specifically themed nights.

Photo by Redd on Unsplash

The fun doesn't stop there! Oh no...after getting your groove on for a bit and maybe you need to cool off a little, you can head into the Golden Zebra! What is that you ask? It's a Vegas-style casino in which I call, pure awesome! You have your slots, keno, poker, AND sports betting. The Vegas feel of the Golden Zebra sets it apart from other local casinos. Every night since opening, the poker tables have been hot. Maybe today is your lucky day!

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

Club Zebra and the Golden Zebra are connected by a hallway and you can rent out the spaces for special events. You put the two locations together can hold up to 400 people, which is perfect for any party/get-together you have in mind. Recently remodeled with modern updates, the feel of the original building is still very present with the brick foundation and stone walls. If you are looking for a place to dance, maybe play a few hands in cards, all while enjoying a historic atmosphere, you HAVE to check out Club Zebra and Golden Zebra inside the Bozeman Hotel! You won't be disappointed!

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