On Monday, a Montana man was mauled by a grizzly bear about seven miles outside of Choteau, Montana, in Teton County. Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks said the attack happened at an abandoned farm site. Family members have told several media outlets that the bear was just inside a barn on the property and attacked the man when he opened the barn door. They had received reports earlier in the day of several grizzly bears in the area.

The injuries the man sustained are not expected to be life-threatening, but The Great Falls Tribune posted a picture of a pretty severe gash to the man's arm. According to the Choteau Acantha newspaper, the man's wife drove her husband to the Benefis Teton Medical Center in Choteau for medical help.

MFWP says they are working on capturing the bear, and they're asking people to stay away from traps and to be "bear aware." And as always, they recommend to carry bear spray with you when in grizzly country.

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