With summer comes construction as we all know. Especially in a city where growth has no limit as it seems. From big apartments, school additions, and general road care, construction companies are struggling to find valuable employees.

It seems as though not many people are sprinting to fill out job applications. Maybe it is the heat that is making these jobs less desirable or maybe it is the lack of ambition after many of us had time off due to the pandemic. Owning a painting company myself, I understand the struggle these companies are having. Finding employees that stick around longer than a week has become almost unheard of for some trades, considering unemployment payments were so lush.

Where does this leave contractors currently? No applications coming in, short staffed, and the dedicated workers these companies do have, are working 10-20 hours of overtime each week. As many may think of this as "good money", it is often forgotten that these workers do have lives outside of work. Unfortunately, work has become the top priority whether they choose it or not.

Photo by Steven Cleghorn on Unsplash

Good workers are hard to find. We have heard this our whole lives and post pandemic employment issues is just another way to prove that statement as true. Just take a walk through town and you can see "help wanted" posters on more than just a couple of business. Businesses with shortened regular hours because they don't have the employees to satisfy the hours of operation. So the next time you are annoyed that a business is closing early, your food takes a bit longer than you hoped, or your basement remodel is a week behind, remember the employees you do see, are the ones that are constantly working overtime and sacrificing time with family and friends.


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