I love cookies. I love homemade cookies, cookies from the bakery, cookies from the package, it really doesn't matter where they come from, I will eat them.

Each year I convince myself that it is my civic duty to buy a few boxes to help out the local Girl Scouts. While I certainly appreciate what the Girl Scouts do and the values that they represent, if I'm being honest, I'm all about the cookies.

I'm a Thin Mint guy, they are my favorite followed by the Do-Si-Do's(Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies). However, I always look forward to seeing what the latest culinary creation will be and 2020 doesn't look like it's going to disappoint.

I'm not sure what creative genius came up with this, but they need a raise. The description from the Girl Scout website describes the cookie as "a brownie-inspired cookie with caramel-flavored crème drizzled in chocolate and a hint of sea salt". They've named the cookie "Adventurefuls".

I have 3 words. Take. My. Money.

Girl Scouts of America via Facebook
Girl Scouts of America via Facebook

By the way, the Girl Scouts were founded back in 1912 in Savanna, Georgia. The first Montana Girl Scout Troop was founded in 1918 in Laurel, Montana. Back in 2008 three Girl Scout Councils merged together and they formed the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming.

The Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming cover an area of 245,000 square miles with over 9,000 girls participating.

It looks like the new Adventureful will debut around January, so for those of you that are planning the whole "lose weight, and get in shape" routine, just do what I do.

Say you're supporting a good cause.

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