Every season we look forward to different Montana State University events. This event is one that touches home for me personally. My aunt is a breast cancer survivor and seeing the impact it had on her mentally and physically, and the impact it had on her family, any time that I can give back to the cause, I do.

This Saturday, the MSU Volleyball team is hoping to "Pack the Place in Pink" and you can easily be part of the cheering crowd with your official Pack the Place in Pink t-shirt or sweatshirt.

On October 22nd, the next MSU home football game, you can wear your Pack the Place in Pink gear as well! There is nothing like seeing Bobcat Stadium sold out with everyone in their pink gear.

Pack the Place in Pink is a fundraiser that gives back to men and women in Montana who are battling breast cancer. With the funds raised during this month-long event, cancer patients are able to receive financial help during this stressful time in their life.

The mission of Pack the Place in Pink is to support breat cancer patients. We are a Montana project supporting breat cancer patients in Montana and prociding them with  financial assistance in all of our local communities. -Official Pack the Place in Pink Website. 

This organization gives them the ability to focus on themselves and their health and not have to constantly worry about how they are going to take on other financial demands in life—ones that don't stop when they are diagnosed.

If you know someone in Montana that is battling breast cancer, please let them know they are not alone and they can go to the website listed below to find emotional support from people who are battling or have battled with them.


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