In case you didn't know, it's cold outside.  In fact, the National Weather Service has issued a Wind Chill Advisory for part of the day today, and we've already seen wind chills down to 23 below this morning.

So, what about those Bozemanites that don't have an actual residence?

You don't have to drive very far around Bozeman to find these "little neighborhoods" of RV's and different vehicles that continue to pop up around town. Many of these people are people from right here in Bozeman or Montana that simply can't afford the high price of rent, or the waiting list is so long, they've resorted to living in their vehicles. Let's be honest, most of these vehicles aren't equipped to deal with the temps we're experiencing right now.

It really is sad to see, especially when the temperatures turn cold.  It becomes tragic when those temperatures get so low they could kill you.

Here's a little bit of good news, there are places in Bozeman and the surrounding areas that will help folks in these situations. One of those places is HRDC's Warming Center. The HRDC has two warming centers in our area.  Once here in Bozeman and the other in Livingston.

Car buried in snow

According to HRDC's website: "Our Warming Centers are public facilities with heating and plumbing that offers seasonal shelter to anyone in need, including families with children, single adults, and couples. The space provides each individual or group with separate sleeping areas, and trained staff and volunteers are on-site at all times during operating hours."

Also, if you know someone in this situation, make sure to check in on them, especially on days like today, and make sure that they're safe and doing ok.

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