I was born and raised in the South, but to be fair, living here in Montana, most everything is "south".

Having said that, there are certain things in the South that you just do. You brew tea on the porch in the summer with half a bag of sugar, you address people by Ma'am and Sir, and anytime someone comes over you ask "did ya eat yet?"

Food is huge in the south.

In fact, there are several cookbooks dedicated to "Southern Cookin" and "Comfort Food". It was a staple growing up, and no doubt a contributor to me being fat my whole life. Spoiler Alert: Southern food tends to be high in calories. 

While I love the food, I'm not a fan of the heat or humidity, so I bailed on the South years ago. Although there are times I still miss home and here's the really good news,  instead of jumping on a plane or driving a day and a half, I can just go to Roost here in Bozeman.

Roost was featured on Food Networks Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives and their menu is totally, 100% southern.

Roost is located at 1520 W. Main and the folks behind Roost have a long history of giving folks what they want, delicious food. Roost is famous for its fried chicken, which is top-notch, but my favorite is all of the amazing side dishes.  Mac and Cheese, Collard Greens, and Cheesy Grits just to name a few. Oh, and make sure and try one of "Mama's Biscuits", you'll thank me later.

Photo by Jodie Morgan on Unsplash
Photo by Jodie Morgan on Unsplash

So, if you're ever having a bad day or a good day, a little southern comfort food will make it better. Oh, and they even have sweet tea!

Roost is closed on Mondays, and there normal hours of operation are 11 am to 5 pm. They don't have a ton of space, so you have a bit of a wait, or you can always call and see if you can get reservations.

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