The 4th of July falls on a Sunday this year. Every year, Americans celebrate our Nation's independence with patriotic parades. fireworks displays, and other events paying homage to the great country we live in.

However, this year many states, including Montana, are asking folks to cancel their fireworks displays due to abnormally hot and dry conditions. The fourth of July is one of the few times of the year when Bozeman residents are legally allowed to use fireworks within city limits, but celebrating irresponsibly could result in the loss of life or property.

State officials are expecting a very active fire season. We all need to do our part to keep the state of Montana from burning down this year.

Drier than normal conditions means we are more likely to experience drought this year.

City of Bozeman Water Conservation Program Manager Jessica Ahlstrom said.

If you and your family decide to pass on the fireworks this year, there are many activities in the Bozeman area and throughout Montana that will serve as a great alternative this year.

Here are a few ways to celebrate your freedom in Montana this year without fireworks.

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Freedom in Montana Without Fireworks

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