2016 has been a crazy year full of ups and downs and unexpected turns. It hasn't been great, but then again it hasn't been terrible either. A lot changed in my life this year. I packed my life in a moving truck and headed to Montana.

I feel that I grew up a lot this year. I finally spread my wings, and moved away from everything I'd known my entire life. With that being said, here are five important things I learned in 2016.


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    Relationships are transactional.

    If only one is giving and one is taking, cut it off.

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    Surround yourself with positive, motivated people.

    Work with people who actually do stuff instead of saying stuff.

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    Be a problem solver.

    Stop crying about your problems and go find a solution.

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    Keep our eye on the prize.

    Success is neither owed nor handed to anyone.

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    ALWAYS protect those who have your back.

    These people are truly rare.