Maybe you listen to me on the radio, but do you really know me? Here are some little known facts about myself to help you get to know me.


  • bhofack2

    First Job

    My first job was in a concession booth at the fairgrounds in Boise, Idaho. It may have been a glimpse into the future. I used to get on the P.A. system and tell people to come buy fresh baked brownies and hot dogs.

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    Favorite Animal

    My favorite animal is the Squirrel Monkey. I've always wanted to have one as a pet!

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    I'm Left Handed

    That's right! I'm a lefty. At least I'm in my right mind. Did you know that Glen Campbell, Jimi Hendrix, and Paul McCartney are all left handed too?

  • Cristian Gabriel Kerekes

    I Used to Be in a Band

    I used to be in a band called No Regrets. We were pretty much a Blink-182 cover band.

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    Before I Got Into Radio

    Before I got into radio, I worked as a cashier at Albertson's in Boise, Idaho. I was also a manager at one of their fuel centers.

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    I'm an American Idol Reject

    I auditioned for American Idol twice and got denied both times. I auditioned in Seattle and San Diego. I did make it on TV though. I still play guitar and sing, but my American Idol dreams are over.

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    I Was a Backup Dancer

    I was once a backup dancer for Maddie & Tae. I wore cutoff overalls and danced during "Girl in a Country Song."

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    I'm the Youngest of Three Brothers

    I have two older brothers, and we are all six years apart. One of them lives in Missouri, and the other in California.

  • mipan

    James Isn't My Real Last Name

    My real last name is Ropelato. When I first got into radio, someone gave me the name Jesse James and it stuck. I'm very proud of my family name.

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    I'm a Huge Boise State Broncos Fan

    I grew up watching the Broncos, and will always bleed blue & orange. I also root for the Montana State Bobcats! Go Broncos and Cats!