With warm weather and summer time rapidly approaching, here are five Montana beers to enjoy on a warm summer day or cool summer evening.


  • 1

    Hopzone IPA

    If you enjoy IPAs like I do, Hopzone is a great IPA for the summertime. It's refreshing and comes in a can. I feel like a lot of good summer beers come in cans.

  • 2

    Madison River Salmon Fly Honey Rye

    A nice, refreshing, lighter flavored beer that is perfect for sitting on a deck or patio during a nice summer day.

  • 3

    Red Lodge Helio Hefeweizen

    In Kansas City, we have a company called Boulevard Brewing Company. Their most popular beers are their Pale Ale and Unfiltered Wheat. This Unfiltered Wheat beer reminds me of my favorite summer beer from back home.

  • 4

    Moose Drool

    This is actually a beer that I first tried back home. I really enjoy this brown ale. Plus, it comes in cans, so it's perfect to drink while doing things outdoors.

  • 5

    Lockhorn Cider

    My friend Brad told me about Lockhorn a few weeks ago. I went ahead and bought one of each flavor. It's hard to beat a good, ice cold, hard cider when it's hot outside.

  • 6

    BONUS *not brewed in Montana* Montucky Cold Snacks

    Ok, so this isn't brewed in Montana (which I found out last night after buying a six pack). However, I've been told it's a staple here. So, if you are looking for a light beer similar to PBR or Bud Light, grab some Montucky Cold Snacks. They're perfect for drinking games and floating.

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