Last year there was a bit of controversy surrounding the banning of fireworks inside the city of Bozeman. Ultimately, the city chose to hold it's own firework show to try and accommodate to those who still wanted to watch fireworks.

Last year's firework show was held at the softball complex off of Haggerty Lane. This year the location for the fireworks show has changed.

The city partnered with Cory Lawrence, the owner of Kimpton Armory Hotel, and numerous other sponsors including, Off the Beaten Path Authentic Travel Experiences, Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply, Rocking R Bar, Ponderosa Social Club, and Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardwareto do private fundraising to help reach the $30,000 firework budget.

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This year the firework show will be at a new location. The 2024 firework show location will be at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds.

The show will be around the same length as last year's show. On the 4th of July, the show will start around 10 PM and be approximately 20 minutes long.

One of the reason's the city banned fireworks was partly due to the fact that people where not abiding by the time frame fireworks were allowed. Some neighborhoods were experiencing people lighting off fireworks until 2 to 3 AM. For people who had to get up the next morning, it was a bit of a nuisance.

With the city wide ban, there are hopes that people can still enjoy a show, they have plenty of notice as to when fireworks will be going off, and they will have the ability to comfort family members, pets, or anyone else who is sensitive to loud noises.

You can read more about the firework show on the Bozeman Fire Facebook Page.

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