Well, this royally sucks.

Moods of the Madison has been voted one of or the best music festival in Montana over the past three years, and I have had the pleasure of experiencing the past two. Sadly, though, Moods of the Madison won't be happening in 2017.

Credit:Mark Miller Photos/Getty Images

According to the Moods of the Madison Facebook Page, due to losing money the past three years, exhausting all their funds and not being able to find a substantial partner, they just don't have the means to pull off this year's festival. These are all really good reasons why this won't happen in 2017. You can check out the full post here.

I just would like to thank Chris Gentry and Tate Chamberlin for being able to host this amazing event. They welcomed me with open arms to be a sponsor for this incredible event, and I was lucky enough to go into Ennis the past couple summers and listen to some of the best music the world has to offer. Some of my favorite acts were definitely Bassnectar, Young the Giant, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Robert Randolph, and Beats Antique. There were some amazing local acts as well. Woodburn, Off in the Woods and DJ Mitch Brady.

I hope they will be able to come back in 2018 bigger, and better and we need to come out and support. Ennis is an amazing town, filled with great people, and I think we could use a little break in our lives to listen to some great live music.

I will just leave it with one quote that I remember the lead singer of Young the Giant said during their set he said, 'We live in Los Angeles and when we flew in today we couldn't believe that this beautiful place existed here. It's gorgeous.' That's what Moods of the Madison was, a great music festival set in a beautiful location.

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