Here we go again, although this time he says it's for real.

Last year on February 1st, future Hall of Fame Quarterback Tom Brady announced that he was retiring from the NFL only to decide a little over a month later that he wasn't quite ready to call it a career just yet.

What followed for the 7-time Superbowl Champion was a year of turmoil for the man whom many consider the greatest of all time.  He and his long-time supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen decided to divorce, plus if we're being honest, it wasn't Brady's best year, in fact, he and his team finished with a losing record of 8-9 on the season.

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Having said all of that, Brady announced today that he was calling it quits once again, however, this time it was for good. Brady who already has a deal with FOX Sports for hundreds of millions of dollars will be seen in the broadcast booth next year rather than on the field.

So with today's announcement, can we expect to see Tom more often here in Montana?

He and his ex-wife have had a home in the exclusive Yellowstone Club for a few years now, so with more time on his hands, can we expect to see number 12 hitting the slopes or the golf course more often?

Of course, who could forget the famous "jump" Brady made a few years ago and then posted it on his social media?

Who knows, now that he has a lot of free time on his hands, he might be able to take up some ski lessons.

Yellowstone Actor, Kevin Costner Rents Out 160 Acre Ranch

Kevin Costner recently stated that he would be renting out his Aspen, Colorado home. Don't get me wrong, the "Dunbar Ranch" is beautiful. Sitting on 160 acres of land, the ranch comes with many perks.

You will be able to enjoy fly fishing on the river, a lazy day next to the lake, and a game of baseball on the private baseball field just to list a few of the extra amenities.

Montana has a handful of celebrities that own homes here in Big Sky Country. Is this going to be a new trend among the elite?

For $36,000 per night, you could book a spectacular stay at Costner's Aspen Ranch Home.

Want A Montana Dream Home? This One Will Cost You 30 Million.

Montana has beautiful homes throughout the state, however, Montana is also home to one of the most exclusive gated communities in the world, the infamous Yellowstone Club. Properties are limited, so that means they're very sought after and expensive. Hence, why many of the Yellowstone Club's residents are often A-List celebrities, athletes, and some of the richest people in the world.

Check out this stunning 7 bed/7 full bath Montana home located on 3 acres located in the Yellowstone Club.

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