If it's not enough for Montana prices to be high when it comes to groceries, housing, and just general cost of living, now a store many use to keep their budget on track has announced it will close nearly 600 stores this year and approximately another 400 over the next couple of years.

I still remember after COVID when "dollar" stores went from having everything for $1.00 to everything going to $1.25 and then also added items that were up to $5.00. I was just in our local Dollar Tree not too long ago and saw some items priced even higher, but they did still have many of their items at the $1.25 range.

There are a lot of families that rely on the low prices at The Dollar Tree to grab every day essentials, an increase in prices may put some families in a bind.

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According to an official release from The Dollar Tree:

As a result of this review, we plan on closing approximately 600 Family Dollar stores in the first half of fiscal 2024. Additionally, approximately 370 Family Dollar and 30 Dollar Tree stores will close over the next several years at the end of each store’s current lease term.."

Unsure of what this will mean for our Montana locations. The location in Bozeman has dealt with it's own struggles in the past year whether it is finding consistent hours or consistent staff, it would still be sad to see the location close.

The Dollar Tree also made the following statement regarding the possibility of new pricing:

"...we are accelerating our multi-price rollout at Dollar Tree and taking decisive action to improve profitability and unlock value at Family Dollar."

Hopefully with the closures of nearly 1000 stores, Montana isn't on the chopping block.

cc: The Dollar Tree

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