Well, it was a long shot.  I think most of us had hope that maybe the little guy would win one this time, that, however, is not the case.

ESPN Gameday announced on Twitter Saturday night they've decided to go with the Ohio State vs Michigan State match-up instead of hanging out in Missoula for the 120th Brawl of the Wild.


 While I'm not surprised, it still would have been nice to have the Gameday crew be part of the 11th oldest rivalry west of the Mississippi.

There's a whole lot of things that Cat and Griz fans don't see eye to eye about, but I think the one thing that we can agree on is our love for College Football in Montana.

After all, we're a big family here in Montana and just like any other family, we might disagree and fight from time to time, however whenever someone outside of the family disses us, well, that's unacceptable.  So the big corporation went with the big money game and is traveling to a place they've been a hundred times before to cover a team they've covered a hundred times already.

Blah Blah Blah.

University of Montana football stadium full of fans.
Angel Townsquare Media

What if, and I realize this is a big what if, but what if Cat and Griz fans could come together and unite to get Gameday for next year?  I mean, it seems to me that if we planned this thing out and really put some marketing behind it, we might be able to get something done. Both the University of Montana and Montana State have fantastic marketing departments.  We can get the Governor involved, as well as Senators Tester and Daines.

Heck, we could even start a petition.

Now, before we start all of the "we don't want them here, we're full!" and "go back where you came from!" comments, having Gameday in Montana would be great for recruiting for both Universities.

Townsquare Media Bozeman
Townsquare Media Bozeman

So, can we come together and make this happen?  Both cities are beautiful and both would make fantastic backdrops for a national television audience. Then there is the history of the game and all of the passion from both fanbases.  So, can Cat and Griz fans unite just this one time?  I think it's worth a shot.

Credit: Twitter

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