First off, any event that the Museum of the Rockies holds is always absolutely wonderful. Full of excitement, knowledge, and history. Secondly, a lot of their highlighted events are only available for certain periods of times so when a new exhibit enters the MOR, people are thrilled.

For the first time in MOR (Museum of the Rockies) history, the Tinsley house will be open during the winter. Two of the largest immigrant cultures that settled here were the French Canadian and Irish immigrants. The Tinsley house will be decorated as if those immigrants are still residing there with the late 1800's as the time point.

📸: Museum of the Rockies Facebook
📸: Museum of the Rockies Facebook

The days of this particular exhibit are:

December 8th and 9th

December 16th and 17th

Ticket prices are super reasonable, adults are $10 per ticket and kids (5-17) are only $5. Kids age 4 and under are free to enter. The event lasts about 3 hours if you stay for all that is offered.

There will be hot drinks and a special treat available along with your ticket price. But, that's not all that is offered with your ticket. You will also get to participate in the making of paper ornaments and holiday cards.

Included with your ticket is admission to the "Seasons of Light" planetarium show as well. If you have never been over to MOR, you are missing out. This is a great opportunity to see the exhibits, and be part of a first for MOR.

If you would like to purchase tickets, just follow the links below.



FRIDAY 12/16


We will see YOU at the 1st Annual Victorian Holiday at Museum of the Rockies!

cc: Museum of the Rockies

Montana's Museum Of The Rockies Is For Everyone! Check It Out

Museum of the Rockies is nestled right next to Bobcat Stadium in Bozeman. The Museum is part of the American Alliance of Museums, which means that the Museum of the Rockies is one of the 1,095 museums to hold this distinction. With over 33,000 museums nationwide, this is quite an accomplishment. 

The Museum of the Rockies is also part of the Montana Dinosaur Trail. What is that? It is a trail that runs through the state of Montana and has 14 locations. Each location will get you just a little closer to the history and knowledge of Dinosaurs.  

Museum of the Rockies has current and rotating exhibits. Currently, (December 2021) here are some of my favorites that are on display: Siebel Dinosaur Complex, Welcome to Yellowstone Country, which digs into the history of Montana, Enduring Peoples Exhibit, highlighting the American Indians of Montana, and the Paugh Exhibit, illuminating the stories that connect us with the Northern Colorado Rockies. You can see all the exhibits here to make planning your trip easier.

Museum of the Rockies is an independent 501 Non-Profit here in Bozeman. With that being said, they hold some of the most exquisite benefits throughout the year. This gives the museum the opportunity to continue to be a highlight for the city of Bozeman. Another way to continue the success of the Museum of the Rockies is to become a member.

If you are considering donating to the Museum of the Rockies, you can check it out here and decide which program works best for you. Help Bozeman keep this amazing learning tool open and available to everyone. Enjoy your time at the Museum of the Rockies.

Gallery Credit: Megan Shaul

Vintage Photos Of Montana

It's hard to imagine what Yellowstone National Park would look like in black and white. We are so used to seeing the colors that make it one of America's favorite travel destinations. Jezel Doughert's grandmother passed away and like many of us do, she spent hours going through years and years of history, from old yearbooks to news clippings, to pictures. Jezel sent me a piece of history that, if not for her, I wouldn't be able to share with you.

Gallery Credit: Megan Shaul

This Family Friendly "Montana Town" Is Frozen In Time

One of the coolest places to check out in Montana is the "Old Montana" town of Nevada City. Located just on the other side of Virginia City, Nevada City is the perfect example of what life was like back during the gold rush in the 1800s.

With several different buildings to tour and friendly folks to guide you through your visit, as well as tell you the stories of the times, Nevada City is not only educational but fun for the whole family.

Gallery Credit: Derek Wolf

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