Pond Skim is a sign of the end of ski season but it's also just a fun event.

The Big Sky Pond Skim will be happening at 2 p.m. Saturday, April 15 up at the Ambush Headwall and will be a great time.

The pond skim is a simple event. Skiers and snowboarders dress up in elaborate costumes/themes and ski down a hill as fast as they can and try to skim across a pond.

Credit:Andy Cross/Getty Images

Most of the time they just crash and burn when they hit the water and everyone gets a great laugh. My brother went to this last year and he said he couldn't believe how massive the crowd gets for this event. There were young adults and families enjoying the event. I used to go to the Pond Skim in Whitefish and it's a blast. I am definitely going to take time out of my day to go up and check this out. Who's coming with me?

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