After a significant snow storm, shoveling becomes an extra chore.  While your shoveling or snowplowing your drive way don't forget some of these essential things that need uncovering too.

Gas Meter

Clear your gas meter to avoid natural gas and carbon monoxide from building up in your home. Be sure to lightly brush the now off your unit and never bang on the meter or pipes.

Appliance Vents

Make sure the vents for your appliances are clear.  This can include the following appliances:

  • Furnace
  • Hot water heater
  • Dryer
  • Radon systems

If an exhaust pipe is blocked with snow or ice, the appliance could malfunction or stop working.

Fire Hydrant

Fires do happen, even in the winter with the ground covered in snow.  It's important to shovel out and uncover your fire hydrant.  When clearing be sure to clear 3 feet in each direction and to the street so the hydrant can be properly used in case of a fire.

Fire hydrant covered with snow
Getty Images/iStockphoto



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