For many, Montana is a place where you know your neighbors and feel comfortable leaving your doors unlocked, however, as people continue to flock to the state, some Montana towns are seeing a big increase in the amount of crime that is taking place

When you think of towns with a high crime rate you often think of places like Billings or Butte, however, one Montana town is starting to see a significant increase in crime, and it has more than a few of its residents worried.

What was once considered one of the safest towns in the state has not only seen a big increase in population, but an increase in crime as well.

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Bozeman, which is not only one of the fastest-growing towns in Montana but also in the country seems to have a bit of a crime problem. While many might try to sweep that under the rug, the truth is, that several residents of the city want more done.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Case in point, just last week alone there were more than 40 different crimes reported to police. While most of them were theft-related, others included vandalism, domestic-related cases, and assault.

The data provided came from Spot Crime, which is a website that reports crimes in a city or state.  Looking at the last 6 months, Bozeman has seen the following:

  • 864 thefts
  • 4 robberies
  • 34 burglaries
  • 211 cases of vandalism
  • 1 Arson
  • 589 assaults

For many, the question is why? What is happening within the town to see such large numbers?

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

That depends on who you ask.

There are several residents and business owners who have said that the increase in homelessness has caused an increase in crime. It's no secret that Bozeman has a housing crisis and all across town you can see RV camps set up. Another reason given is the increase in drug use around town.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Whatever the reason, it seems that it's a real issue that local leaders need to address.  The city is going to continue to grow and as it does, there will be real problems that need real solutions.

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