A whole lot of folks are torn when it comes to Montana. Many residents of our state believe that we are overpopulated and it's time to "close the borders" if you will.  Others realize that the more folks that come here, the more revenue is generated for the state and local businesses.

It seems that we're at a bit of a crossroads.

While I certainly don't know if we will continue this Montana migration for years to come, it seems that at least in the near future, it's here to stay. That got me thinking a little bit. As more people continue to move to Montana, that means more change is coming. There will be new homes, new businesses, new roads, new schools, etc.

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So, is it time for a new state slogan? Montana's state slogan is "The Treasure State." of course, that is based on the fact that Montana is filled with rich minerals. Gold, silver, and sapphires have filled the mountains of Montana for centuries, but is it time to update that slogan?

Copper, silver and gold surface mine. Mining industry.

Is "The Treasure State" outdated?

One of the most popular nicknames for Montana is "Big Sky Country".  The term became popular back in the 1960s after it was discovered in a book that was written by Alfred Bertram Guthrie Jr. and used in a promotion by the Montana State Highway Department.

How about "The Last Best Place"? That's another popular Montana nickname that really describes, in my mind at least, what Montana is. The nickname was taken from an anthology of Montana writers back in the late 1980s.

What would you suggest? Is there a slogan that you think fits better? Or is "The Treasure State" still fitting?

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