Bozeman is more than just a pretty's also the ultimate dog loving city. Everywhere you go you see dogs walking, playing, riding passenger, or in the back of a truck with the breeze hitting their faces.

Recently it was proposed to add a few more dog parks to the area along with fixing/updating the current dog parks.


Currently, Bozeman has 9 total dog parks, which seems like an above average number for a city with a little over 55k people. After some requests from the residents, Bozeman is looking to add 4 more dog parks to the town, making a grand total of 13.

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To anyone not living here or just moving here, that number would most likely seem ridiculous. But to a town that loves their dogs and much as they love their Bobcats, it seems fitting.


Where will these new dog parks be located?

  • Bridger Vale
  • South University District
  • Blackwood Groves
  • Meadow Creek

No word on when the parks will begin construction, but I am guessing next year for sure they will all be complete. Most likely it will be a high priority, just like our pets are.

If you are currently living in close proximity to a current dog park, there is a chance you could see some construction/landscaping starting to take place as well. The city does have plans to make sure the current dog parks are not getting neglected and getting a little upgrade as well.


This sounds like it's going to be a nice little addition to the residents who have been having to drive across town so their pup can play and get some energy out.

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