Last summer, the Interior Department announced that the Yellowstone grizzly bear will no longer be listed as an endangered species. The removal of the grizzly bear could mean Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho could soon allow a hunting season for grizzly bear.

According to Montana Fish Wildlife, and Parks, Montana’s proposed grizzly bear season structure and framework is conservative and designed to minimize take of female bears. The important elements are:

  • Seven Grizzly Bear Management Units to distribute harvest and avoid multiple harvests in one unit. Each unit will have its own harvest quota that will close the unit if reached.
  • To protect females and young of all ages no harvest of any bear that is with another bear or bears.
  • Season dates designed to protect females. Females, especially those with young, emerge from dens later in the spring and go in earlier in the fall than do males. Proposed dates are early spring (Mar 15 – Apr 20) and late fall (Nov 10 – Dec 15).
  • It is illegal to take a bear that is in its den.
  • Limited quota of licenses by drawing equal to Montana’s harvest allocation.
  • Mandatory hunt orientation course for license holders.
  • Seven-year wait for hunters who draw a license.
  • Twelve-hour reporting period for harvests and mandatory check within two days.
  • Season will close within 24 hours of reaching either the female quota or the male quota.

Do you support a potential grizzly bear hunt in Montana?

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