Late Sunday morning I decided to take my son for a walk. Since it was decent day we picked Peets' Hill in downtown Bozeman. As we were walking, I thought, I really should know who Peet is since we're walking on his trail, so I did a little research.

If you've lived in Bozeman a long time you probably already know this, but if you're new or somehow missed it, here's what I found out about good ol' Peet and his trail:

  • John M. Peets was an early Gallatin Valley resident
  • He owned a grocery store and he had a dairy on the land where the trail runs
  • The land on top of the hill where the trail runs was actually plotted back in the 1890s for over 600 homes. The interesting part was the plotting was really just a ruse to make  Bozeman look bigger so they could attract more businesses to the area, and maybe even the state capital.

Here's a terrific video I also found on Peets' Hill from the Gallatin Valley Landtrust:

If you have any info you would like to add, please email it to me!