I had never even heard of a vole until today. I was talking with Amy (formerly of Dave & Amy in the Morning), and she was telling me that she has voles in her yard this year. 3 hours later, I found out  I HAD THEM IN MINE!

Perusing my neighborhood in Belgrade, I've now seen that many of my neighbors have them, too! So, my question is: do I still have them or have they moved on? I found a nest (see below) and it looks like it's abandoned.

If you don't know what a vole is: I've just learned they're a rodent that burrows just under your lawn. It stays right underneath the surface and completely ruins your lawn.

I find it more than a coincidence that Amy (who lives over 5 miles away from me) and I would both have them. Could it be that we have an overabundance of them this year in the Gallatin Valley? Does anyone know?

Also, if they haven't moved on from my yard, do you know what I should do to get rid of them? We seem to be ok in our front yard, but they've definitely been living in our backyard this winter. I haven't actually seen one, just what they've left behind.

If you have a vole story or info on what I can do about them, please email me at Dave@XLcountry.com.

photo by Dave Wooten
photo by Dave Wooten


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