It seems like every week we hear about a new business, new housing development, new dog park, etc. going up in or around Bozeman. Some of the buildings I can see a need for, and some I just don't know what all the hype is about. Or why we would even need such a thing.

A new development could be breaking ground very soon and it's not a small building.

Just north of Bozeman there are plans to add an 8500 sq. foot building that will host brand new tennis courts. I mean this seems like a nice addition to have, especially for winter when we sometimes don't have the warmest weather and having some indoor activity options sounds nice.

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Supposedly this building will not disrupt traffic or the surrounding homes, and they are probably right considering the 8500 sq. foot building, will only be able to accommodate 4-8 people at one time. I mean...if you are going to build a tennis court, I would think you would just go all out and make it suitable for more than a few tennis players. Make it so  there are indoor basketball courts, perhaps an indoor walking track, maybe a racquetball area, but no.


I just think it's a bit ridiculous to use our ag land for essentially 8 people. Don't get me wrong, we all know Bozeman is moving north, and considering I live on that side of town I would like to see a little more convenience, but an 8500 sq. foot tennis court? I can think of 10 other things I would like to see.

But then again...someone had to sell that land right?

Check out some really great homes WITH tennis courts below.

Incredible Lakefront Home with Tennis Court for Sale in Binghamton

  • Incredible Lakefront Home with Tennis Court for Sale in Binghamton

Gallery Credit: Melissa Hackford Brokered by Warren Real Estate Of Greater Binghamton

LOOK: This $2.5 Million Home in Sleepy Hollow Has a Sky Blue Tennis Court

This amazing home is tucked away in the Sleepy Hollow neighborhood of Amarillo, Texas. It's listed with Heather Haelzle with Lyons Realty and has an asking price of $2.5 million. That's not too bad, considering the fancy pants tennis court and other luxurious features.

Gallery Credit: Sarah Clark/TSM

Hidden Gem in Rochester With Tennis Court Selling for Almost $1 Million

Way back in 1955, a gorgeous home was built in Rochester, Minnesota at 825 3rd Street SW. Today, that property has been completely renovated and features 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, over 3,400 square feet as well as many modern amenities. According to, it will be on the market for $999,900.

And if you've caught the pickleball bug like everyone else in Minnesota, you are in luck because this house comes with its own pickleball/tennis court.

Gallery Credit: Jessica On The Radio

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