For the third straight month, Gallatin County has increased its number of tests for COVID-19. With a few days still left in July, 4,810 tests have been conducted, according to the numbers provided by the Gallatin City-County Health Department.

To give you some perspective, so far nearly 3x as many tests were performed in July than May, and almost as many as the number of tests of May & June combined. Tests did, however, slow down considerably once the state stopped testing Asymptomatic patients (showing no symptoms of the virus) about mid-month.

Number of  COVID-19 Tests in Gallatin County

May      June      July

1,684    3,679     4,810

From the 4,810 tests conducted in July, 536 came back positive for a 11.1% positive rate. The county had one death in July attributed to COVID-19. Currently, we have three people hospitalized with the coronavirus.

Overall, since the coronavirus pandemic began in March, Gallatin County's positive test rate for COVID-19 is 6.07%. The county's COVID-19 death rate is 0.24 percent.

Across the state, Montana has recorded 3,676 positive COVID-19 cases from 165,355. That's a positive rate of 2.2%, according to the state health department. 54 deaths have been recorded. The death rate from coronavirus in Montana is 1.46%.

credit: Gallatin Co Health Dept
credit: Gallatin Co Health Dept

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