With the especially warm temperatures today it is making my "fur baby fever" even more out of control. Here is the problem, I haven't found the right one, or should I say, they haven't found me.

I have always had pets growing up. They make things so much better, sleeping, hiking, mental health, etc. Pets are an anti-depressant, and I want one.

I have had dogs, cats, a hamster named Chris (well it was technically my brothers, but Chris oved me more), a bird named Pete, and a squirrel named squeak nuts...don't ask. This time, I am on the hunt for a dog.

I am set on a Golden Retriever. I have always wanted one, and with spring and summer approaching, I definitely would like to have a hiking buddy this year.

Photo Credit: Jill Hobbs
Photo Credit: Jill Hobbs

Does it have to be a puppy? No, it certainly does not. I think one under the age of 2 would be ideal. I have been watching the rescue shelters, online apps, and word of mouth. The problem is, Golden Retrievers are crazy expensive! Like I am not even joking, as high as $3500! Ummm...my car cost $4500.

So I am reaching out to my favorite people for some help. Where can I find myself a Golden Retriever? Maybe you know of someone who is looking to rehome their fur baby, for whatever reason?

HELP Montana! Help me find my new bestie. Oh and I would prefer a boy, because I am set on naming my new bestie Steve, unless he already has a cool name. Then that will be just fine. Thanks friends!

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