I did it! It took 10 years--during which time I changed jobs twice, moved 4 times including from Sheridan, Wyoming, to Bozeman, Montana, bought and sold a house, got married and had a kid, all while working 50 hour weeks--but I did it! My new book Crazy Horse: Where My Dead Lie Buried is available on Amazon and soon at local bookstores.

The XL Nation actually helped me pick the book's cover, so if you're a reader or are interested in the topic of Crazy Horse and Indian Wars history, please join me for my book release party on Friday, April 27th at 14 North from 6:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. I'll give a brief overview of the book, answer any questions you might have (like: how did you write a whole book? You can barely string five words together correctly on the morning show) and we'll enjoy some celebratory cake! I'll even have a few free copies of my new book to handout.

The book is historical fiction and follows the Lakota war chief Crazy Horse from the Battle of the Greasy Grass (Little Bighorn) until his death 14 months later at Camp Robinson, Nebraska. During this time, Crazy Horse battles the U.S. Army, his wife’s sickness, and even his own people. It is a moving story of a man who was not only a feared warrior, but also a husband, a grieving father, and, at times, a reluctant leader.

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