Here's the current COVID-19 numbers to this point in July (July 20) provided by the Gallatin City-County Health Department.

Gallatin County Data (July)

Number of Tests Given in July: 2,792 - Gallatin County is averaging 174 COVID-19 tests per day. In 20 days, more tests have been given this month than during the entire month of May (1672). We are on a pace to break June's record month of testing (3,439) too, however, this past Friday, the state changed how they will test. Asymptomatic patients (showing no symptoms of the virus) will no longer be tested, so overall positive numbers could very well go down. We should point out that was implemented just days after the governor's face covering/mask directive, forcing everyone to wear masks at businesses, stores, and restaurants where they can't self-distance.

Number of Positive Tests: 334

Positive Rate: 11.9%

Hospitalizations: Currently, Gallatin County has two people hospitalized for coronavirus. This is down from five a week ago.

Deaths: 1 on April 27th from 622 cases.

Death Rate: .16%

Montana COVID-19 Numbers (Feb - July 20)

Number of Tests Given: 139,042 (Overall)

Number of Positive Tests: 2,621

Positive Rate: .0188

Hospitalizations: Currently Montana has 48 people hospitalized for COVID-19.

Deaths: 39 (12 were residents of Canyon Creek Memory Care in Billings;  6 were from Shelby at the Marias Heritage Center. While numbers are hard to determine since there are no official statistics for where people with the coronavirus die, it appears that about half of Montana's COVID-19 deaths have come from health care facilities in the state. 

Death Rate: 1.4%

United States COVID-19 Numbers (Feb - July 20)

Number of COVID-19 Cases: 3,947,605

Deaths: 143,636

Death Rate: 3.6%

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