Gallatin County currently has no patients in the hospital due to COVID-19, according to the Health Department. While COVID cases continue to rise in the county, they have not resulted in any deaths or a current spike in hospitalizations locally. Overall, since the coronavirus pandemic began in late March, Gallatin County has seen only six hospitalizations total and one death, which occurred over two months ago.

Over 3000 tests have been conducted in Gallatin County since June 1st. Of those, 144 have been positive. The current positive test rate is 4.7%. Our current death rate in the county is .003, which gives us a 99.997 survival rate.

Across the state of Montana, there were 45 new cases of COVID-19 reported on July 3rd from 2,354 tests. That's almost a 2% positive test rate. Montana currently has 17 active hospitalizations. Overall, there have been 23 deaths from the coronavirus in the state, the last one reportedly on Thursday in Big Horn County, which was a woman in her 60s. Montana's death rate is 2%, compared to the national average of 4.6%.

If you're interested in looking at the numbers yourself, click the button below to access data from the Gallatin County-City Health Department.

Credit: Gallatin Co Health Department
Credit: Gallatin Co Health Department

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