There is a hearing of the Gallatin County Commissioners on Tuesday, September 1st, about a stretch of Bremer Creek Road, 20 miles north of Belgrade near the unincorporated community of Maudlow.

Landowners along the road are asking that a portion of Bremer Creek Road that runs to the north of the intersection of BCR and Rocky Mountain Road be closed to public access. With other roads to access their properties, and the fact, they say, that Bremer Creek Road does not lead to public lands, the county should give up the road.

Currently, there is a petition online at created by some who are opposed to closing that part of the county road. The petition says that if the landowners succeed in getting the closure, "the public will be forever locked out from using a beautiful country road that has given bikers, horseback riders, motorcyclists and bird lovers a recreational opportunity for over 100 years." So far, the petition has managed to collect over 2,000 signatures.

According to the Bozeman Chronicle, the county commissioners formed a viewing committee to help decide the matter. In a report, the Chronicle says the committee wrote the following: “Due to the recreational, scenic and regular public use of the road, it is our finding and recommendation that abandoning Bremer Creek Road is not in the best interest of the public and should be denied."

Those following this issue will find out Tuesday if that is, indeed, how the commissioners will vote. The meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. Tuesday, September 1, in the Community Room of the Gallatin County Courthouse, 311 W. Main Street in Bozeman.

Rob Holt, who wants the road to remain open, told us,

It doesn't matter whether it's 3.5 miles or 300 miles, public access for roads or trails belongs to everyone, not the chosen few.

photo by Rob Holt
photo by Rob Holt


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