The Missoula Police Department posted a concern regarding fake money that is circulating around the area.

The fake $20 bills were first identified near LoLo, and as we all know, once they get into circulation there is a chance that they will continue to make their way across the state.

The fake $20's have some obvious discrepancies to watch for.

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What to look for on the counterfeit $20's:

  • The bill in general is less in focus/blurry
  • Andrew Jackson's face is darker than normal
  • The White House is a bit darker
  • The bills are missing the metallic ink on the number 20 in the lower right corner

This isn't the first time counterfeit bills have been identified in Montana. There were also $100 dollar bills circulating as well just a few months back. The fake bills looked real at a glance, but when you looked closer, there were some obvious signs of it not being real.

How can you protect yourself or your business from becoming a victim to receiving counterfeit money?

If you receive counterfeit money, don't return it to the person who gave it to you. You want to make sure you have it in your possession to give to authorities. Also, confronting the person who gave it to you, whether on purpose or by accident, could put you in danger. Avoid confrontation.

You also don't want to touch the counterfeit bill a lot. Less of your prints on the bill, the better for authorities. Put it in a plastic zip lock bag if you have one available.

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